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  • 10/17/14 11:29 am EDT

    Known for its serenity the lanes of Powai witnessed an unusual start to a Friday morning on 17th October, with the Amercian brand Krispy Kreme Doughnut opening doors to its customers. Doughnut lovers across the city queued up hours before to relish the delicious melt-in-your-mouth experience and to avail the special first day offers. While this was not enough, the morning of 17th October also marked a new record for the brand as it held its first ever flash mob for the launch of a new outlet.

  • 10/12/14 11:21 am EDT

    Krispy Kreme, makers of melt-in-your-mouth original glazed donuts, offers that perfect combination to its customers. Although they are more known for their delicious fried dough rings, the company based in North Carolina, US, also offers good coffee on its menu. Customers can find espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte on the coffee list as well as blended coffee drinks like mocha and caramel lattes.

  • 10/12/14 10:18 am EDT

    Talk about a Krispy Kreme dozen: It's been 12 years since Springfieldians welcomed the iconic doughnut shop's arrival and the franchise owner is celebrating with a Family Fun weekend.

  • 10/12/14 10:04 am EDT

    Hershberger Road in Roanoke is about to get a little sweeter and a whole lot busier. Crews are making a lot of progress at the site of the new Krispy Kreme location.

  • 9/25/14 4:41 pm EDT

    After much anticipation, Krispy Kreme finally opened in the City of Hialeah. Hundreds came by to get their hands on a fresh batch of original glazed donuts, irresistible to people of all ages.

  • 9/16/14 9:47 am EDT

    Commuters in North London got a shock as they stumbled across the first ever Double Hundred Dozen ­- Krispy Kreme UK’s biggest ever box of doughnuts prepared freshly this morning to launch the retailer’s new Occasions offering.

    The giant, iconic dotty box is more than three and a half metres long, just under a metre tall and filled with 2,400 Original Glazed doughnuts.

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    8/20/14 11:31 am EDT
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    7/10/14 4:42 pm EDT